Here are a few informational items I found of particular interest:


“Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky. This book illustrates the ways in which we can now organize. Although we will not be replacing our formal organizations, necessarily, each of us has the power to organize that we didn’t have in previous years. This affects all portions of our lives, including our work lives. You can see a full review of this book on my LinkedIn profile:

“Tribes” by Seth Godin. This book urges us to understand that we need leaders. Like the old saying, he urges us to “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.” He posits that we must decide which of these is appropriate for us and to do whichever one we decide to be appropriate for us for a situation. By doing so, we make things happen in our current society.


The Integrated Lab is a site that had a variety of information for laboratories that are interested in integration and in what’s going on in our laboratory world. It’s run by John Trigg of PhaseFour Informatics as a non-commercial, volunteer effort. I’m one of the contributors to The Integrated Lab. As such, I do have a bias towards it.

MIT Sloan School of Management has a series of free presentations that you can view on-line . The ones I’ve seen are quite good. One particular one that I just wrote about in The Integrated Lab was “The Future of Work” by Thomas W. Malone based on his book of the same name. In this presentation from June 5th, 2004, he claims we’re at a crossroads regarding how we work – that decision-making is becoming more decentralized.

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