Let me introduce myself and my company.

What is GeoMetrick Enterprises?

I’m Gloria Metrick and GeoMetrick Enterprises is my company that I created in order to solve your LIMS and laboratory informatics problems. This is a real company, registered to do business, and stable. For those people looking for a stable company to do business with, here’s a company that’s been in business since the mid-90’s and provides the same resource to your project, over-and-over, so that you don’t need to pay for the learning curve to your specific situation, multiple times.

What GeoMetrick Enterprises Provides

The services that are listed on the company web-site http://www.geometrick.com/svcs.html , such as working with your company to select a laboratory informatics software product such as a LIMS, gather requirements, create and manage an RFP for that process, and other services.

Additionally, as an expert in specific software products, I also provide services specifically for those implementations. Even though I specialize in the LabWare LIMS and Sample Manager LIMS products, I’m willing to work on other products, as customers’ needs and the market changes.

Services Not Provided by GeoMetrick Enterprises

Training and Validation services are not provided. Although I will sometimes assist with material for these tasks, these areas are special and there are firms that do nothing but handle these.

Occasional Misconceptions

There are a few misconceptions I occasionally run into about what I do and what my company provides, so let me dispel them:

  • I do not write articles for a living. Those of us in the industry that write articles and give talks do it to promote our business. Except for the people that work full-time for the magazines and journals, the rest of us do it to make the world aware of our expertise so that they will call or e-mail us and do business with us.
  • GeoMetrick Enterprises is in no way tied to LabWare or Thermo. Because of my product expertise in their systems, my company services projects for these products, directly. You cannot call LabWare or Thermo and ask to have Gloria Metrick or GeoMetrick Enterprises on your project.

One More Note

Since I also produce “Out on a LIMS: The Newsletter for People Who Risk Life and LIMS on a Daily Basis” and have done so for years, which you can subscribe to at http://www.geometrick.com/newsltr_signup.htm ), some people comes up to me, look me in the eye, and as, “Are you Out on a LIMS?” to which I answer, “Yes, every day!”  😉

Gloria Metrick, GeoMetrick Enterprises, http://www.geometrick.com/

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