Here in the US, it’s the day after Labor Day, a national holiday that is the sign that Summer is over and we’re all about to really get back to work. Today, while there a few holdovers that are still taking some time off, most of us are back at our desks wondering where the Summer went. I plan to mope a bit, today, just in protest!

Along with that, it seems that those of us in the Laboratory Informatics industry, regardless where we are in the world, are wondering how the Fall economy will treat us.

From a variety of factors, I would say that there’s the usual Fall rush to get back to projects and that there’s a great interest in that. This observation is based on watching hits on my web-site and blog, as well as the phone calls and e-mails I’ve received just in the past week. In our industry, it seems that September 1st is a magic day to return to our projects and our interest in them. This year was no different.

But interest doesn’t translate into projects. I’ve heard of a variety of projects both start and stop just in the past month, those that want to get money to start and still haven’t gotten it, and the usual project financial situations. On top of that, I occasionally get pressure to let people advertise in the LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group I’d started, where advertising is prohibited. So, I cannot say whether it’s a matter of software vendors and services companies merely looking for yet more outlets to advertise to, as they normally do, or whether they are particularly desperate if they’re targeting what has been clearly marked a non-commercial enterprise.

I think it’s too soon to tell which projects will end up actually going forward, nor can we tell which of the marketing people are desperate versus those that are merely being aggressive.

I’ll say that I’ll see you on your project IF it really does start, which is my usual comment on projects, regardless of the economy – there are never any guarantees that the budget won’t be pulled and that the timing of a project will work-out the way it was planned.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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