To promote it and to explain its purpose, I’ve been writing about the LinkedIn group I started for Laboratory Informatics people, such as those in LIMS, ELN, SDMS, LIS, CDS, and others. Previously, I made two blog posts here in “Out on a LIMS” and wrote two articles about it for “Scientific Computing”:

My Vision and Why I Won’t Give it Up!

We need a non-commercial place where we can openly share ideas and ask questions without fear that we’ll be pounced-upon with advertisements. Additionally, our industry is full of people with great expertise. We need a place to hear from them. I mean ALL the experts, including the ones too busy actually doing the work to write articles and give public presentations.

So, although there are plenty of people that see our group as having great advertising potential and as a great place to market something (think of our group as a well-stocked trout pond to someone that wants to catch trout), I resist this because that’s not its purpose. For those people that argue against this, or to those that might think I’ve come up with a brilliant idea, here, what I’m trying to do for our industry is neither new nor is it revolutionary. I’m merely taking past ideas and successes along with what others are currently doing in other places. I’ve gotten much advice on how to go about this from experts who have done this or are doing similar things for other areas, as well as articles and books specifically on this topic.

Careful and Plodding

I do actually have a plan that I’m following. As with any plan, it does sometimes change as specific things do or don’t work and as new information comes up. Additionally, change seems slow to those watching, because that’s the nature of these things.

Since we currently have the oldest and largest such group in LinkedIn, and much more active than most or all the other related areas, I don’t want to kill it by over-hyping it and then disappointing people. Nor do I want to implement things faster than I can practically do so.

What I Get From This

There are some who seem to think that I’ve started this as a place to cleverly advertise my services and think they could do the same. After all, “Why else would Gloria bother doing all this work?,” they think. And I think that’s a fair assumption to make even though they’re wrong!!! After all, if you don’t know me, why attribute any better motives than these. So, I can’t prove good intentions by telling you I have them. I can only do it in deed.

When I started the group, I did post my own articles to help provide content — before participation got started. But I realized this was just advertising myself and I stopped. These days, I only post my articles when they specifically have to do with the group.

As such, I’ve gotten a good feeling from doing this. I’ve gotten a sense of accomplishment. I’ve gotten the feeling that, regardless that I’m a lone individual (versus some of the commercial sites with money and with multiple people assigned to do some of this), I can still make something big come to life. I’ve gotten a good feeling that I’m giving us all a place where we can try our best to shed the biases enforced on us by the advertising and marketing that constantly barrage us. And, I’ve found I’m especially glad to hear the opinions of all the people whose opinions I never would have otherwise heard.

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