I’m working on a presentation for an upcoming conference and, as usual, wishing I could get more feedback before giving it than just having colleagues read it. After all, consultants give these presentations partly to share information and help people, as well as to impress people with our expertise in order to get more business. For both reasons, I spend a lot of time on my presentations. If you read last week’s blog postings, I had talked about giving a presentation for someone who had helped me out. I had fun and got some good feedback from it. So, that gave me the idea that I should offer to give this presentation I’m working on for free to companies that are willing to give me feedback so that I can give the best presentation possible. One additional note is that this particular conference is rather prestigious, so I have even more motivation to make sure the presentation is at its best.

Topic and Timing

The topic focuses on the problem of changing your laboratory informatics solution. It’s a bit like a big puzzle. You probably have some pieces in places and you need to look at what you already have in place. Maybe have already have a LIMS and CDS and want to buy an ELN, or maybe you have all the pieces but want to replace a piece with a new software package. You must see what is missing, how to find the next piece to the puzzle, and what to do to make it fit. The presentation is supposed to be about 40 minutes, but I could let it run for about an hour for the purpose of allowing you to ask a lot of questions.

Nothing is “Free”

So, of course, nothing is actually “free.” I do expect something back from you. Here is what you must agree to if you ask me to do this:

  1. Everyone who attends must fill-out an evaluation form and hand it to me before they leave the presentation and the forms can be anonymous.
  2. If you like the presentation, I would ask that you give me a good recommendation for the presentation in LinkedIn.
  3. You will make an effort to get all interested parties in your company at this location to come to the presentation so that I’m talking to as many people as possible.

How This Will Work

So, I’m not volunteering to give this too far from my office because I want to keep the costs down. Here’s what I’m willing to do:

  1. You must be within a 1-hour drive from my office in Burlington, MA, USA.
  2. Since I want to get the perspective of actual customer companies, those are the only ones I will give this presentation to (i.e., I will not give this to consulting companies or software vendors).
  3. In order to fit this into my travel schedule and my chargeable work with customers, we will do what we can to schedule this so that it has minimal impact on my schedule.
  4. I will bring my laptop, but you must provide the room, PC projector, screen and microphone (if necessary).

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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