Yesterday, I finally started blogging about my final trip to my Swiss customer:

I thought a day-by-day blog on the experience could be a little something different.

Yesterday, the Core Team held our big workshop for the key users. It was an opportunity to show them the latest set of system updates and to let them try the out. Today, we held a question and answer session where we answered a number of questions that came up during the workshop, or illustrated how we handled a question. For example, if a question came up that we felt could have been answered in the workshop, or that could have been answered in a clearer manner, we also addressed that. As part of this, we also allowed people to come with their laptops to try more things in a hands-on manner with us.

So, we are truly closing in on the end of the phase. Things are on-schedule, today, but with great effort from all involved. So, as we head closer to running the test scripts, we continue to work hard to make sure we handle whatever comes up. We don’t have the luxury of easily rescheduling the testing. As with many places, these days, getting on people’s schedule takes much lead-time. So, if we have to reschedule anything, it puts the entire schedule off by a great deal of time.

On a different note, tonight, a number of people from work are getting together for a drink and I am looking forward to seeing them. After all, I won’t see them for much longer as I close in on my final day of October 16th. Here in Europe, people actually do occasionally meet outside of work, for one reason or another. AND, they don’t spend the time talking incessantly about work. I’m guilty of doing this, myself, but it’s a nice change to have some entirely social time with them. Also, they are especially concerned with making sure everyone gets invited. I have not been forgotten from that list, and that’s enough to make me feel welcome.  J

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