Here’s another day of blogging on the final days of my current project.

Today, we had another question and answer session. There were more good questions coming out from the key users regarding how they would be able to use the system in a manner in which would well fit their workflow. It was another great session.

In the afternoon, I focused on the bug fuxes. That’s my plan for Monday morning, as well. Our user testing for user acceptance and compliance comes on Monday afternoon. As usual, a number of problems turned out not to be bugs and really were working as they should. There were some typos that I hadn’t previously noticed. There are a couple bugs so strange that I worry I won’t figure them out in time.

I’ve figured one of the really strange ones out and it turns out it’s a system bug, not a bug in my code. I have thought of a workaround for it, for the meantime, but I happen to believe that no-one is going to like the suggested workaround. Well, I now have all weekend to think up something better. Monday morning, I plan to beat the living daylights out of the system until I can reproduce the last really strange bug. I’m super-motivated to get it all fixed so that testing goes as smoothly as possible.

A funny thing happened to me, today. In the LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group I run in LinkedIn , I noticed a fellow joined from a consulting company that I am working with at my current customer. When I came into work, I asked one of their consultants about whether they knew him. “Know him,” the person responded, “he works here and sits in the office next to us.” So, they took me over and introduced me. This really is SUCH a small world!

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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