Awhile back, I blogged about dealing with different people on our laboratory informatics projects and specifically mentioned the differences between dealing with introverts and extroverts:

Let me continue with that theme, that different people can be different to deal with. Just now, I read a posting about how it’s different to deal with (motivate) various generations of people:

That whole “casual disdain for authority and structured work hours” hit too close to home! Ouch!!! (I should add that I’m good about doing what I’m supposed to do and working a structured schedule, which you can see from some of my LinkedIn recommendations. I wouldn’t want to scare-off potential customers that think I’m going to tell them off or sleep during meetings or something like that.) Anyway, the generational topic has come up with my cronies and I quite a bit, lately, as we’ve noticed how different our expectations seem to be from those of other generations, both younger and older. If each of us listed the historic events we’ve lived-through and that have shaped our lives, it would be evident that we’ve had different influences. And, let’s face it, living through a specific event when you’re young is different than living through it when you’re older. If it’s not starting out your career and if you’ve got a lot of history to compare it to, the effect is entirely different. In the end, I think it does make sense to recognize the generational differences and make some allowances for them. So, this is yet another aspect that makes our laboratory informatics projects more interesting — the variety of people on them.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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