The January newsletter went out, yesterday, and my article for the month was on how siloed we are (to subscribe to the free, monthly newsletter, follow this link: ). We focus too much on single applications and in growing them into behemoths and not enough in the big picture.

On one hand, this is natural. When you want to put in a system, it’s natural to have experts in that system present. It’s natural to be concerned in getting the right functionality built into the system. It’s natural that you might find this overwhelming-enough that you focus on nothing else. Maybe it’s even natural that the ELN people blame the LIMS people, who blame the ELN people, back.

But, as a reminder, I’ve talked about how LIMS is a data graveyard, the place where data goes to die and is never seen again. For years, I’ve been saying that, while we do need a focus on the process of the software, most projects don’t seem to put the required time toward getting the data back out again in a useful and efficient manner.

Now, we’re connecting an increasing number of systems together, as more people are buying ELNs, and SDMS systems to integrate, as well as things like the ERPs and TrackWise. What comes with that is an increased problem of then getting the data out to all these other systems that need it.

If it were merely the LIMS people that took this attitude that their system is the only important thing in the world, it would be bad-enough, but the ELN people, the SDMS folks, and every other system – each is convinced the world should revolve around it. We can’t point the finger at any one area and we all seem to be as bad.

It would be useful if we’d all stop pointing the finger at each other and work toward productive solutions. That might get us where we’re going a little bit faster, with a better record of success, and that just all brings the costs down, which is an appealing prospect.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “Laboratory Informatics Silos and Data Graveyards”

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