This “paperless lab” article I wrote just came out in Lab Manager Magazine. I made it a study of two entirely different projects that were working to become paperless. One is in the QC area, the other in R&D. You can read the article at:

It was just my fortune to have two people on hand whom I could interview in the short amount of time I had to write the article. Both of them will be participating in our ELN Expert Panel at the February 10th, 2010 LRIG/LIMS/Laboratory Informatics joint meeting in Boston at Millennium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Watch this space for updates (look to the “2010 Meeting Calendar” on the right-hand-side):

In this article, both projects had some key points. But this is merely a summary. To hear more, come to the meeting, where you can directly ask them your own detailed questions. Each expert panel member will tell a little about their project, then the floor will open up to the audience’s questions. Each panel member was carefully selected to have a different situation and each is using a different ELN product. It should provide enough variety to answer questions to match a wide variety of the audience’s situations.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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