Last Day of the Blogging Month and Some Goodbyes

Since I left home, it’s now been almost a month. When I started my journey to two week-long conferences and a two-week customer visit, I promised I would write each working day to chronicle the trip. Today is the final day and I return home over the weekend.

In these four weeks of blogging, I’d started my trip with the two conferences so the first two weeks chronicled in the blog mainly focus on the experiences I had with those conferences. I mentioned some of the hot topics, as well as included information about things I’d learned, all the while, keeping up with customer work. When I finally made it to the end of the conferences, while I did enjoy them and get a lot out of them, it was almost like being on vacation to only just do project work the last two weeks of the trip. And I’d expect many of the others at the conferences to say something similar as many of them were working all times of the night to stay on-top of things back at their sites, as well.

After that, for most of the two weeks working on-site with my customer, I wrote a few more posts that related back to the conferences, but then continued on to things that happened on the project or related directly to our experiences on it. With that, I come to a final chapter and a load of “goodbyes.”

Today is my last day working on-site with this customer on their laboratory informatics project. I will try to say “goodbye” to those who are around, today and, at the end of the day, will hand in my badge at the security desk. For those of us who are consultants, we know that it’s part of our job to leave projects and move on to something else. Yet, it is never really easy to say “goodbye” to people you’ve worked with for any real length of time. In this case, it’s even more difficult considering how much I’ve particularly enjoyed working with this team and how highly I think of them.

Yet, I must do it. It’s part of my job to leave and to make the transition as smooth as possible for the customer. After all, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be done. At the same time, I can look back at this project and can be quite pleased that I was allowed the privilege of working on such a great project with such terrific people. I’ve learned a lot from them and I hope they learned some things from me, as well. It will be a project that I will hold up as a high standard for a long time to come. For any of you readers curious to see their happy, shining faces, they’re immortalized in a YouTube video that I included in a past blog (no, I’m not making it up — go take a look for yourself and you’ll see):

Gloria Metrick
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