Since this blog is partly about promoting my company and selling my services, and since I am looking for projects, here are some reasons why you should use my company:

  • No bait-and-switch. When you speak with me, an experienced person, that is who you will get. You will not be in the situation where you interview with someone that seems extremely experienced and capable but end up with the person that only just took a class on the software or topic.
  • You know what you’re getting. I’m well-known for being honest about what I can and cannot do. Actually, I’m better known for being a little too modest about them, but that’s just better for you, because then you’ll definitely know I’m not overselling my services.
  • Well-rounded experience. Because I have experience in project selection, product management, business analysis, documentation and implementation, I can see the entire picture. Whichever piece I work on, I can see how it fits into the process, meaning that I can understand where some of the problems come out and how some of the work has to fit with what others are doing.
  • Consistency and longevity. Occasionally, bigger companies will mention that I could go out of business, quickly. Well, anything can happen, but consider that I’ve already been in business over 14 years, so it’s not as if we’re all just waiting to see if I stay in business, at this point. Also, unlike the churn of various people coming onto a project that you would get from a larger company, where you’ve just gotten someone trained on how your project works and they go off to something else, I will not be shuffling personnel through your project, that way. You’ll finally get the consistency and longevity that you need.
  • Expertise. In areas such as LabWare LIMS implementation (configuration, programming, etc…), business analysis, documentation, working with both regulated and non-regulated systems, for just a few examples, your project will get the benefit of my years of expertise rather than you having to teach me.

If you’re a software vendor: I know software vendors are afraid of consultants that work on their product but that constantly complain about the product in front of the customer. I don’t do that. Even though I usually work on projects independently, rather than for a software vendor, I feel strongly that no-one benefits from that kind of constant complaining. It hurts the customer and it hurts the project. It’s just unnecessary negative energy and it’s unrelated to calling out bugs and true issues.

Bottom Line: If you’re interested in excellent and reliable services, call me or e-mail me before someone else grabs all my time. My phone number is on this web-site page:

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises