Is Accelrys Integrated With LabWare?

I was looking at my blog statistics and saw what I just used as a title to this posting as the search phrase that led someone to my blog. As such, I thought I’d elaborate on this question.

It is Thermo Fisher Scientific and Symyx that had formed an alliance. Symyx is now part of Accelrys. Thus, the two companies have a focus on integrating their products. Additionally, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a services product called “Thermo Connects” that is meant to integrate products together (both integration between their own products and with outside products).

However, this is not to say that other products have not been integrated. If one considers the number of combinations of products out there, where many companies have both a LIMS and an ELN (and probably a number of other pieces of software to integrate, as well), then I would venture to say that some of these companies are interested in integrating the products and finding ways to provide the data from both systems to those within the company that need it. This is probably true for any combination of the major LIMS and ELN products out there, including the LabWare and Accelyrs combination.

As such, if you want to know if a certain combination has been done, before, to learn more about the challenges that await behind a certain integration, you can take a couple routes: first of all, you can contact both software vendors and ask if they have a customer who has integrated their two systems and if they’re willing to let you speak to that customer. Another tactic is to go out into one of the discussion and/or networking groups and ask who has done this. These types of questions are appropriate for the LIMS/Laboratory Informatics Group in LinkedIn, for example:

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