Today, I’m once again making a post based on search terms that brought someone to my blog. Today’s post is based on the search “what is labware lims stability module.”

Here are my tips for finding information like this:

  1. When you want to know more about any specific product, the best place to start is usually the software vendor’s web-site. Usually, you’ll get more information there than anyplace else for major functionality. Because the stability module in a LIMS is a large add-on, vendors that have these modules often have information about them on their web-site. However, if you’re looking for a smaller add-on of functionality, keep in mind that software vendors will often only list the major functionality on their web-sites. If you don’t see functionality listed on a software vendor’s web-site, it doesn’t mean they don’t have it.
  2. If you don’t see something listed on a vendor’s web-site, e-mail them and ask for information. If you’re concerned that a software vendor will hound you for your business if you do this, find someone unrelated to your project to do it for you. However, I think most vendors, while they might occasionally write to ask if you want to buy something, probably wouldn’t actually hound you. And we’re all adults, here. Isn’t it just easier for us all to learn to say, “No, I’m not interested, right now (or ever)”?
  3. For those of you reading this specifically to know what a “stability module” is about, LabWare or otherwise, it’s for monitoring drug stability. These modules, regardless the brand, are meant to manage drug stability studies over time. These modules are used in the R&D side to manage studies to test the packing in various conditions, while others are testing one formula of a drug versus another formula of that drug. They are also used on the QC side to track drug stability of manufactured materials. There are standalone drug stability products available that provide a variety of features. As is often the case, buying a multi-purpose LIMS that has a stability add-on allows the study samples to be more easily integrated into the LIMS (don’t think “seamless” think “easier”) but often gives up the flexibility and features provided by a product that is entirely focused on this part of the process.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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