Currently, there doesn’t seem to be much news coming out in the laboratory informatics industry.

For one, I was just thinking that I haven’t had much to post to (, but realized that John Trigg hasn’t posted much, lately, either. I’ve noticed the discussions a little slow in the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group, as well. (

Overall, I think a lot of the announcements in the industry come out at events such as Pittcon. With a number of conferences already finished for the Spring, I get the impression that people are just busy – heads-down on their projects, as am I. One thing that occurred to me about all this is that, as news is slow, we just have less activity in the blogosphere and any place where the participants create the content. Unlike the traditional media outlets, there is no particular reason to create a continuous stream of news when there isn’t any. Thus, at some points we’re inundated when software vendors are all coming together to promote their new products and upgrades or other events are happening, and things are quiet when they’re not. The outcome being that when there’s a lot of news, those of us in the industry are all abuzz with it, when there’s not, I guess we just all get a lot more work done.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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