What Does GeoMetrick Enterprises Do?

When people write and call me to ask what my company offers, I give them a brief description and then give them the link to a larger description off my web-site.

Although there’s a link to my web-site in the Home area of this blog, today, I’m giving the link in this posting since I’m not sure it’s as obvious to get to as I want to make it. Here’s the listing for anyone who needs it:     http://www.geometrick.com/what-we-do.html

When people call or e-mail for a general description, here’s what I give to them:

GeoMetrick Enterprises helps your company solve its laboratory informatics problems. This includes front-end services, whether they’re strategic services such as deciding whether you need to buy a piece of software and what that software would be, to requirements gathering, to software selection services. It also includes the implementation, itself, from high-level design to bridge the gap of the off-the-shelf product to your processes, to the programming/customization/scripting/configuration of the product to match that design, to documentation of those efforts.

Experience includes a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical and biotech (R&D and QC, stability labs, DMPK products, name brand and generic labs, contract manufacturing, and other), to chemical and oil, to food and beverage, and more.

Specific areas have their own unique issues. For example, read this article on the problems of contract labs:


By bringing in GeoMetrick Enterprises, you’re bringing in someone that understands that your company will have some unique needs, regardless its size or industry.

Regarding implementation services, GeoMetrick Enterprises specifically provides expert implementations in the LabWare LIMS, including Version 6. Expertise includes modules such as Stability Manager, and covers all the standards “managers” that come with the off-the-shelf product (e.g., Project Manager, Batch Manager, Folder Manager, etc…). Thermo Sample Manager implementation expertise is also available.

Beyond all this, you’ll get excellent implementation services that provide you with maintainable and manageable implementations where you will receive a delivery that is aimed at your long-term maintenance over trying to merely dump something that works onto you.

Do you have this problem?
If your problem has been that you’re too small to get the attention you need and get “good” services and attention, this is a common problem and a common reason that customers come to GeoMetrick Enterprises. Here, you’ll be treated as if you and your implementation matters. Contact me, today, to ask how you’ll be treated differently so that you can make the decision, fully informed of this.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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