The Laboratory Informatics Hipsters

More companies in our space are starting to discover some of the newer tools and ways to get in-touch with the rest of us. While this is the venue of the small company, some of the big companies are starting to discover these tools, as well.

What I mean is this: it’s in the best interests of the small companies like mine and the small software vendors to use the social media tools and other such tools because, after all, they’re free, available and they allow us to get our message across to people without spending money we don’t have. It’s one way to break into or stay in a space as companies like ours don’t have advertising dollars to throw around. Does that make us “hip” or “cool” or whatever or does it just mean we’re committed to reaching out to the community and keeping our business interests on the forefront?

These days, I see some of the larger companies finally embracing some of these tools, as well.  Accelrys’ blog keeps showing up and they do have some interesting articles (because I do actually sometimes take a moment to read this stuff). Also, Thermo Fisher Scientific keeps telling me about what’s going on with their booth at Pittcon so that I don’t miss a moment of it (they don’t want me to feel left-out — how thoughtful!) and they keep telling me about some FaceBook and YouTube stuff (which I would more likely to check out if it shrieked with the words “laboratory informatics” or something else that grabbed my attention).

As with any other tool, when large companies take on the tools that make the small (and nimble) companies able to compete, the challenge is that they learn to use them in a way that makes those tools work for them in a unique manner. Some day, maybe I will evaluate their use to comment on whether they’re using these tools in a way that works for them and attracts the rest of us to their products. In the meantime, I leave that up to you.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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