Love Your Laboratory Informatics Neighbor

Many of us try to live by the “love thy neighbor” mantra and I want to extend that to my actual neighbor. I’m not doing a good job of that, right now.

Since I moved the GeoMetrick Enterprises’ offices to Michigan, my office now has a direct view of my neighbor. Also, with the American Thanksgiving holiday just passed, I feel that I should even be giving thanks that I live across the street from a laboratory. I can see their employees come-and-go and now know more about them than I know about some of my own customers. I can even give a pretty good list of which of them need new mufflers on their cars. It turns out that they do thousands of samples per year and provide a variety of services to the community. I’ve often thought I’d like to walk across the street to meet them. I’d even be willing to spring for a box of cookies or something but, sadly, their barbed-wire fence and security gate prevents this. As many of you who personally know me are aware of, I’m also fairly generous about my laboratory informatics advice, especially to small laboratories that don’t have much money to spend on big systems. Honestly, though, if I were truly determined, I could zip-line over from my office window, just like people do in action movies, but I suspect some governmental agency might take it as a sign that I’m the opposite of friendly and cart me and my box of cookies away to some dark and secret hole in some unspecified location.

Thus, while I sincerely would like to show a little love to my laboratory informatics neighbor, it’s not going to be easy and I think I’ll just let them think I don’t like them by staying away from them, for the moment.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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