My Dilemmas

As with many small businesses, I have a number of issues come up that demand my attention. It’s just part of having a business. Some things that are recently on my mind are these: rearranging where and what I write; LinkedIn changes.

What I Write and Where
I’d been blogging about the fact that I was surprised to find that so many people in the world don’t seem to realize that my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises, mainly offers programming services rather than project management services. As with everything that comes up regarding one’s business, there is only so much you can get to. It leaves you asking questions such as, “Does it affect me? If so, how much?” and “Do I care? If so, how much?” Overall, of course I care. It’s ideal for everyone to know what a business offers. But the reality is that there will always be people in the world who don’t quite know what a business offers. There is no way to get the right message about one’s business to absolutely everyone.

In the current situation, though, I’m a bit concerned because I get so many calls for services I don’t provide, such as project management and validation. This is a problem because, at times when I’m busy trying to get the word out about the services I provide AND am busy providing them, I’m getting extra contacts from people whom I can’t ignore. Even when I can’t help someone out, I’m professional and polite. If I know someone to pass them along to, I try to help that way, but it does take my time. One solution would be to change around what I write and where. I could make a more concerted effort to write about programming and such here in this blog, for example. However, then I have to wonder if the solution isn’t more time-consuming than the problem. In this blog, I tend to write what comes to mind. In that, the blog doesn’t take up much of my time. It’s a tough question and, as you can imagine, the sort of thing small businesses tend to have to find some balance for.

LinkedIn and Other Changes
Just when I think I’ve got my routine set, something changes. Now, with this new LinkedIn feature for endorsements, I’ve realized I’ve entirely lost track of who has endorsed me and whom I have endorsed. As people I know are endorsing me, I feel the need to consider endorsing them, as well. It seems polite to make the effort. Yet, it is one more thing to manage. That, plus LinkedIn has now informed me they are getting rid of the WordPress app. I’d so much liked being able to blog with the posts automatically appearing in my LinkedIn profile. However, I’ll have to go back to manually posting them, as I did, before. As for LinkedIn endorsements, one of these days, I’ll have to make the time to do a better job keeping up-to-date with all of that.

What Doesn’t Change
As a small business, the daily dilemmas aren’t just about issues and problems that face us, but in the fact that there appear to be a multitude of small decisions to make on a continuing basis. I can understand why that tires some people out to the extent that they finally give up running their business to take positions with others, instead. For me, I continue to manage these items to my best ability and worry less about those that I decide not to include in my activities than I did when I started my business, when I used to worry about all the things left undone. That’s about all I can do.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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