I’ve been recently writing posts on how to get through the crunch for SampleManager resources and that I predict things are now going to get even worse and possibly quite soon. Also, I happened to notice this search brought someone to my blog:  “why do large companies use preferred it vendor.” This got me thinking more about this situation with regard to the preferred vendors.

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I’ve been speaking with various potential customers who cannot merely ask me for my time because my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises, is not on their preferred vendors list. Many of their companies do not allow exceptions and, for those that do, some of the procedures to justify an exception are not easy to find, necessarily. I’ve realized this is a time when having a preferred vendors list probably works against you.

First of all, the preferred vendor process can be slow. By the time the “req” (the requisition for the work) is posted, some amount of time has gone by for writing it approving it, etc… Most preferred vendors do not have SampleManager resources. In a few cases, customer companies do select someone like Thermo or one of the larger laboratory informatics services vendors to be on their list, but this is not always the case. Thus, more levels of people must get involved as the preferred vendor finds some other company to subcontract to, who finds another company to subcontract to, and etc… Also, the more levels it goes down, the more time it takes.

Time is your enemy when the market is tight like this. The longer your process, the more resources are getting snapped-up.

This is a time when the smaller companies can get more attention than they normally do. They can act more quickly to obtain people, partly because they don’t have the long process, and can go wherever the resources are to find people. This is the time to be glad to be small, if you weren’t glad at other times.

One more point to make: I know many of us in the industry laugh about some of the “reqs” that come out that stay open practically forever without getting filled, where there are often people available through other vendors that were not on the customers vendor list, and who are readily available and with a variety of skillsets to offer. In tight time like this, it’s likely there are yet more of these reqs that stay open than usual and those with the open spots don’t find it as funny as those of us reading them do.

As before, if you’re not bound by a “no exceptions” preferred vendor system and want to find out what kind of availability my company offers, here’s the GeoMetrick Enterprises contact information:

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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