GeoMetrick Enterprises Must be #1 in LIMS!

Yesterday, this blog got its highest hit count, ever. Does this mean that GeoMetrick Enterprises is so popular that it’s now #1 in LIMS, which is what we all claim when we have any amount of success in the LIMS industry?

I believe in honesty. Where I know something to be true or untrue, I try to state it as such. Where I need to be a little tactful or careful, I do make the effort, even though that does run counter to my analytical personality (we analytical types sometimes just dump harsh truths onto unsuspecting passers-by).

In this case, I got a bit excited when I looked at yesterday’s statistics, and realized that it’s not clear why there is a huge jump. It’s is by far the biggest jump in my overall statistics on the blog, but I can’t honestly look at these and make any true claim to the reason. I tried coming up with some good hypotheses, and even that doesn’t produce anything an analytical person such as myself could call “plausible” so I won’t try.

I know this is where the marketing types differ from us analytical types.  They could come up with all sorts of possible reasons that have the thinnest of ties to these numbers and just spout them out. But, for me, if I can’t even see some trend or true link, I can’t feel justified in coming up with them. Even if I go off my experience in this, I can’t come up with a good tie-in.

The Purpose of This Discussion
When I talk to those of you doing a LIMS selection or reading these articles out in printed magazines, blogs, or anyplace else, if you are reading just to get some ideas, it doesn’t hurt to merely ready everything, taking it all with a grain of salt. However, where companies make any amount of claims based on any types of numbers, you need to step back and just take it in without actually believing it.

Some people are lying, others are merely stretching the truth but, worst of all, some just don’t know what they’re talking about. The ones who don’t know what they’re talking about are really the most convincing. They don’t truly understand numbers and statistics, think that they do, and are absolutely certain they’re correct.  They are the ones who convince people to believe what they’re saying or writing and to go along with it.

Well, I suppose that I’ve just worked against myself, here. I now can’t claim that “GeoMetrick Enterprises is #1 in LIMS” so I guess I should stop while I’m ahead!  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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