On a previous project, I had the opportunity to use a comparison and management tool written for the LabWare LIMS by Marc Girardbille. This is an independent freeware tool.

This tool is free and Marc is now looking for people to help field test it. The other day he wrote this in the LIMS/LI Group:

Systems Comparison Tool – Testers Wanted!

Dear Group,
I am searching for a few (advanced) Labware admins, who are interested in testing a freeware I developed: SCT is a tool that can compare records between two databases. It supports parent-child tables’ relationship and version-controlled tables. It was specially designed to compare Labware LIMS objects like analyses, sample templates, etc.
More information about SCT is available on http://sct.comuv.com/
If you are interested, please send me a private message on LinkedIn.

I had used this tool in the past and I strongly recommend it. It just works really well and I found it a strong tool. If you are working with the LabWare LIMS as an advanced capacity in an administrative or programming role, you will find this useful, so please download this tool, give it a good workout, and let Marc know what comments you have. Even though I have not used this version of the tool, myself, I strongly recommend it.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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