My Label Printer Record

Not that this is exciting news to anyone but myself, but I have decided to give in to the urge to tell someone (you, dear reader  😉   ) that I have hit a personal label printer record. I now, as of this very moment, have four customer label printers sitting in my office.

Fortunately, I have only one regular printer, one desktop computer, and two laptop computers in here, but it’s still tight, considering the shipping boxes are all in here, too. At one point, I did have three laptop computers and getting rid of one of them plus the shipping box made enough of a difference that, even with all these label printers, I can actually walk through the middle of my office to get to the window. This is truly the most important aspect of this situation because I absolutely need to be able to easily walk over the to window so that I can look out and scowl at the snow (because scowling at it might make it go away, don’t you know!).

I suppose I should mention that the label printers in question are desktop and tabletop styles, so they aren’t the massive ones that would easily take up my entire office. The smallest is about  9″ deep, 6″ wide, 7″ high, the largest being not more than a few inches larger than that in each dimension. It’s amazing how light these are. They’re so light that I’m able to use a cardboard box as a table for them. This is fortunate, because they can’t sit on my desk. With two laptops stacked on top of each other, my desktop computer, phone, paperwork and other assorted junk on my desk, there just isn’t room.

As for ribbon and label stock, since I have multiple sizes for some printers, it is a one-to-many situation for the stock, although I have been able to organize things so that I do not have to change the ribbons which, as those of you doing this same task will know, tends to be the trickiest part. The fortunate part is that I knew ahead what labels to program and when. Thus, I didn’t start with the more narrow labels with a narrow ribbon and suddenly realize I needed to switch to a wider ribbon for wider labels. All the labels I’m working with were planned ahead of time. As in just about every aspect of our jobs, planning can make a big difference.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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