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Every once in awhile, I offer to give my past presentations for free to groups or companies that would like to see them. Topics vary from those presentations specifically meant to help understand the types of software available on the market, to those that go into detail on LIMS implementations.

I give presentations to non-profit groups, such as ALMA (Association of Laboratory Managers) and ITLA (Independent Testing Laboratory Association).  I do sometimes also give these presentations to private companies. Usually, these are companies that are considering someday becoming my customer. While I do not require any promises of intent to do so, I would not necessarily be willing to give the presentation to a private company who had already selected a consulting company to do their work but who needed some extra guidance from my presentation. At that point, I would just be directly helping my competition and I’m not willing to do that. At this link, you can see some examples of the types of presentations I’ve given:

While this list is not complete, it gives an idea of the types of presentations I can give. However, I could probably give a presentation on any topic that is listed for the external article links on that web-page, as well.

The Rules
When I get into the mode to offer these presentations, I set out some rules because I want to keep the costs down. The rules are that I will give the presentation for free if it can be done within a reasonable day trip. Also, because I will be spending more time around the Chicago area than usual, this next year, I am willing to give presentations to organizations and companies, there, if they can be fit into my other trips.

All my trips are rather tight with regard to time, but if I’m close-enough to someone who is interested and can squeeze it in, I will give the presentation. Let me know if you have any interest. The GeoMetrick Enterprises phone number is:  +1.781.365.0180 or you can e-mail me at the company e-mail address:  .

Here, I have specifically mentioned making some trips to Chicago, but if you are in Detroit or its suburbs, or even places a little further out such as Kalamazoo, I would still consider that an easy trip, just as some examples. Of course, since I live and work out of Ann Arbor, I will obviously be happy to consider speaking around here, since I’m right here.

Why I Do This
Primarily, giving presentations can be a way to drive business leads and, since every business needs to get occasional new customers, I am interested to take a chance that a presentation might lead to new business. Beyond that, I do it to stay in-practice with presentations. When I don’t stay in-practice with presenting, I find my presentations skills start to get rusty. To go to conferences to speak gets expensive and doesn’t bring any more leads than doing it to the smaller groups. So, getting connected with smaller groups or companies is cheaper and fulfills all the same goals as speaking at a conference. Even though I do get invited to quite a few conferences and offered free entries to them, the travel is the real expense on most of these. It’s expensive to attend them, regardless how many thousands of dollars I can save with free entries, so I will continue to make my best effort to do the smaller presentations. One more thing: in smaller presentations, people tend to feel less intimidated to ask questions and discuss issues, since they are often among others in a group they are familiar with or even among their co-workers. The smaller groups tend to be much more lively and interesting to speak to than the larger ones.

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