Last night, I attended a Mobile Monday/Girl Develop IT joint meeting talking about the hot topics in mobile computing coming out of the Apple and Google conferences.

The most spectacular thing was actually the virtual reality goggles known as Google Cardboard. Most of you are already bored – these aren’t new, I know. However, these glasses are supposedly competitive with the $2,000 goggles and cost, get this, $1 to make and can be paired with a cheap Android phone. And, for those who don’t have the patience to gather the materials themselves, there are kits available for $20 and here’s more information about making or buying them:

I don’t happen to have any customers I can think would use this technology but there must be some out there and this is why I wanted to write about this. Most of us don’t need this kind of technology to get our work done in an efficient and effective manner, but for those who could use this, I hope this posting finds you.

For anyone who wondered, Girl Develop IT ( ) is an organization that encourages women to learn to become software developers. Ann Arbor has a rather large development community (relative to its size) and there are all types of development organizations around here, by the way.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises