Notice: Moving the Web-site

My web-master and I are working on moving the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site from one hosting service to another. I’m not certain how long this takes for the entire switch to take place, but I don’t expect most people, if any, to notice a change.

The blog and newsletter are not running from the same hosting services as the web-site, so it is only and all its e-mail that will be affected. I don’t mean that I think any e-mail would be lost, merely that it might take me a bit longer to access it, as I’m not clear whether I’ll be notified immediately upon the switch to know it’s been moved.

Current customers are already notified of this, but for anyone else that needs to contact me and feels uncertain about the e-mail situation, keep in-mind that you can always call me at +1.781.365.0180.

I will make another blog posting when the move is done.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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