When someone in our industry seems to “disappear,” I wonder what happened to them. When people who are known to quite a lot of us disappear, I realize that there are plenty of people who know what happened but probably quite a few who don’t know and are wondering just as I am. With that in-mind, let me share some news about two people who only just retired at the end of 2014 that many of you will know.

John Trigg has been involved with the Royal Society of Chemistry and still continues his involvement, had stayed busy with the now-defunct LIMS Institute, and is one of the few people to have won the LIMS Award. He has given his time and expertise to many of the events in our industry. Although we were not on a project together, I knew John from my days working with LIMS at Kodak. John did also write an ELN for Kodak, in the days before there were as many commercial choices for purchase. John is someone that I’ve always looked up to and he has always been generous with his time for me. He has also been responsible for my ability to participate in some of the industry events and periodicals, which I probably never sufficiently thanked him for, either.

Bob Meyer and I have been in-contact since soon after he began his career at LabAnswer. My continued involvement with LabAnswer and the fact that I’d been involved in any LabAnswer projects is probably due to Bob’s  seemingly unwavering confidence in both LabAnswer and in GeoMetrick Enterprises. Where there are multitudes of high-level people in our industry who are too busy to spend time with someone whose business is as small as mine, Bob wasn’t one of them. He was as busy as the next person, probably even busier, but he always found time for me. We would have a few phone calls a year where we’d compare the market, discuss the economy in our industry, and share thoughts on the future of our market. I’ll miss those. Bob knew a lot about the industry, he was willing to share it, and he wanted to listen to what others had to say about it. In that, he was a rare and valuable person to know.

In the end, while neither John nor Bob sound like they’ve remotely slowed-down for their retirement – just gone on to other opportunities – I already feel a gap in our industry at their absence. I wish them both well, but I deeply miss them both.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “John Trigg and Bob Meyer”

  1. Gosh, I hate how time flies. We are all just getting older but the industry is still a lot of fun! I keep meeting lots of new folks in our industry and there are so many innovations happening on so many fronts.

    While it is a bit sad to see folks “retire” from the industry, at least there are lots of new friends coming in.

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