Today is April 1st, April Fool’s Day, here in the US. Today, we like to pull pranks on each other. I considered doing that in this blog but for the fact that some folks could read it some other day and take it seriously. Instead, and just for something a bit lighter in tone, I decided to post some information about this blog. Those of you who enjoy meaningless trivia will enjoy this. As some of you readers know, in an effort to determine what types of blog posts readers tend to find interesting, I do sometimes look at my blog’s dashboard information. I thought some of it was mildly interesting and thought of you might find it so. With that in-mind, I’m passing along some tidbits about this blog.

Top Posts/Pages
First of all, I looked for the all-time top post or page. Of course, the top post or page is the Home/Archives page. It is far and above the most popular page on the blog. Considering that readers can get the latest post on this page, it makes sense that it is the most read. Beyond that, the post on LabWare LIMS interview questions came in 2nd and the LabWare to StarLIMS comparison post was third. To read these, here are the links:

You can see by the link that these are somewhat older posts and it makes sense that older posts have more hits than newer posts, to some extent. I won’t blather on any more on that point because I can think of quite a few factors to consider, but this is probably the most basic on it that comes to-mind.

Searches That Found This Blog
Once in a while, I write blog posts on search terms that people use that bring them to this blog. However, not all search phrases are worthy of an entire post and some are just puzzling. Here are some to scratch your head about and my comments:

“kitchen is like a laboratory” is actually not that much a surprise, although if tried typing this into Google and found many posts for this. I don’t think I wrote an article on this topic and I didn’t see my blog show up.

“should i quit consulting” puzzles me – wouldn’t the person asking this get a better response from a Magic 8 ball than via Google? My response would be, “Yes.” After all, if you’re so desperate that you’re typing this out into the Google search engine hoping a random site will respond back to you, then you’re a pretty desperate character.

“name of best project managers” isn’t puzzling but sad. I say that it’s “sad” because it would be good information to get but I doubt that search produced anything useful.

“companies termed as ‘”body shop”‘” – see my comment about the project manager search.

“happiness day events” – well, I don’t know what to say to this. Laboratory Informatics doesn’t seem to have anything to do with happiness. In fact, we can sometimes be a truly unhappy cast of characters when our projects aren’t going well.

“modules of labware lims” isn’t particularly entertaining. I just wanted to comment on it. If you’re looking for the answer to technical questions that you think LabWare Support can’t answer or if you don’t have access, there’s no harm in looking for someone that knows the answer. However, if you want a complete list of LabWare modules, this is definitely something you can only get from LabWare. Each of us can recite those modules we’ve worked with and/or know about but that’s a drop in the bucket to the entire list.

Also interesting is that the searches bring up the fact that people are looking for information on specific customer LIMS, such as Bridgestone, GSK, Kodak, Eli Lilly and others. It’s hard to guess why those searches specifically came to this blog, except for one specific name in that list that I might have mentioned in some non-LIMS context. Otherwise, while I’d love to work with all these customers and the others mentioned in the searches, it’s strange that the searches brought people to this blog.

“looking for customers” – aren’t we all (it’s a cheap shot, but I’m sure plenty of others are thinking the same thing)!  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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