Finally Meeting My Laboratory Informatics Neighbor

A few months after I moved my office, here, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, I wrote a post about how to “Love Your Laboratory Informatics Neighbor”:
In my post, I did say that I’d like to meet my neighbor and hear more about their samples and tests but that I doubted that I could find an easy way in around the barbed wire and security gate.

Finally, I’m getting my chance to visit them. I hope I’ll get a chance to hear more about their fairly new LIMS system, although I have a feeling I will mainly receive a fairly standard tour outlining the number of samples they process per year and how they promote the safety and well-being of the community.

For once, I can walk to one of these lab tours. When I call them my “neighbor” I actually mean that they’re just a few yards away from me – literally on the other side of and directly across the street.

This event might not sound exciting to some of you but, to me, it’s a real bright spot – something to look forward to. The lab tours have always been the best part of the business for me.

Gloria Metrick
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