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For those of you who are newsletter members, I wanted to make a few comments to you.

First of all, if you’re reading the newsletter, you’ll have noticed that there are only two new articles left to be posted. I’ve already setup the February issue. After the March issue, as I’ve said, I might keep the newsletter coming out with reissues of old articles that were popular but I haven’t decided. I’ve paid for the service until Fall 2016, so I could keep sending out the newsletter, but I’m not required to use it, either. I will probably put a notice in the March issue telling what will happen, as that is the last new article.

For those of you you were newsletter-only members (that is to say, not members both of the newsletter and the blog), you’ve already noticed the invitations to join the blog. Maybe people have already joined but many have not. For those who have already joined, don’t worry, you won’t get multiple invitations. Once your profile is created with your e-mail address, WordPress is “smart” about recognizing that you’re already a member and won’t send another invitations.

Those of you reading this won’t care about this, but I’ve decided to resend invitations every few months or so. Some people merely put off accepting the invitation while others truly don’t have an interest. I was thinking that sending a few reminders helps those who have put it off but there’s a certain point where I will stop re-sending those, thinking that it’s crossed-over into pestering. On the other hand, those people who really don’t want to be re-invited can block the invitations, too, so they aren’t getting invitations that they don’t want to see.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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