What Changing Technology Means to Us Technical Folks

As technology changes, it’s merely a matter of time before we all have to learn new things. Despite recent conversations I’ve had with others who have retired before they’ve had to do so or who hope to retire before that happens, many of us are just too far from retirement to depend on that. In addition, learning new things is good for us (repeat that enough times and you might believe it  😉   ).

In working with the iVention US (iVention US) folks, I’ve been working with entirely new tools. Suddenly, I’m setting up databases in the cloud, WordPress sites in the cloud, and similar. While I won’t by any means claim to be an expert, I’ll just say that it’s not that different. A SQL Server database in Microsoft Azure is pretty much like a SQL Server database on my Microsoft Windows machine. I even link to it with my Microsoft Windows tools as if it were on any other server. Granted, there are features that were made obsolete for the Azure version that we had been using in older SQL Server versions but that’s possibly an outcome of the advancing versions more than anything else.

With all that said, in some ways, these tools just seem so different. Partly because of that, there are times where, if I were working on my Microsoft Windows machine where I might have addressed an issue a certain way where I’m working with Azure and don’t think to look for similar solutions. Why is that?

I think what I would say about it is that the layers of things that must be setup is somewhat different than the system management I’d done, years ago. In addition, there are just new terms to learn over the days when I might have been administering VAX/VMS or UNIX-style machines. As a past example, when I had to learn UNIX-style commands, years ago, I was lucky-enough to find a book entitled “UNIX for VMS Users” which explained everything in a way where I was able to make a quick leap over to the UNIX commands. As such, learning to move to the cloud-based platforms is about as hard as any transition to a new operating system as its method of accomplishing tasks is somewhat different. Actually, in a lot of ways, it’s easier. With that said, it might or might not surprise you to find that many of the tools you’ve already used really aren’t that different.

Gloria Metrick
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  1. When you “retire” you still have to learn new things and many of them are with technology. The methods to learn will be needed for a long time.

  2. What Nancy says is true. The first thing you will have to learn about when you retire is how to deal with doctors and the medical industry. For me, the concept of retirement is just another word for early death. I plan to work to the day I die. I love work. It hardly seems like work as it is more like just having a great time each day.

    As for new technology… I can only advise that people jump on to Open Source and the Cloud. Open Source is literally powering the cloud and is delivering a set of applications that are doing to proprietary software what the internet did to news papers.

    This is a good read: http://www.infoworld.com/article/3020258/open-source-tools/open-source-licensing-needs-to-grow-up-already.html


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