More on the Paperless Lab Academy

Last Autumn, I made a post about the upcoming Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona in mid-April at Paperless Lab Academy.

I can’t believe that’s just a few weeks away! But I digress. This post isn’t about how fast 2016 is going, it’s about reminding you about this event.

In any case, since I’m just now in the midst of my first chargeable project for iVention’s iLES system, the timing couldn’t be worse for me. Still, there are other people going from the US and it sounds like it’s going to be powerful event. I’m regretting that I can’t find a good excuse to attend.

Keep this under your hat, though, because if I wouldn’t want the iVention folks to get suspicious if I suddenly declare some sick days in mid-April. Actually, cough cough, I’m starting to feel peaked – I think I’m coming down with a slow-acting virus that will cause me to take some days off around, say, April 19th and 20th. If you see some cloaked figure with sunglasses and a wig at the event, it’s not me!  😉

Seriously, though, the topics sound interesting and, to those of you who attend, I hope you’ll come back and give me the scoop on the whole thing.  🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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