If your project is out of money and needs just a little extra consulting or if you’re tired of helping companies get projects with no thanks from them, this post is for you. With so many of you preparing to attend next week’s LabWare CEC, I wanted to make you an offer in case you get a referral opportunity.

Getting Referrals
Are you tired of giving referrals and getting nothing back for them?

Here at GeoMetrick Enterprises, most of the projects do come through word-of-mouth, usually from one customer to another. I greatly appreciate this and while I always take the time and make the effort to say “thank you” and while I realize that merely saying “thank you” is more than most people take the time to do, these days, it’s a good idea to offer more.

First of all, those who have given referral after referral to my business truly deserve something more. Also, for those people whose projects are out of money but still need some help, this is a way to help us both out.

How to Know Who to Refer
Beyond what most of you know, that I’ve worked in many industries for the LabWare LIMS / ELN for many years (with more years of experience that almost all of the people that the vendors or their service partners will send out), that I also consult on integrating systems, selecting laboratory informatics products, and giving general advice on how to go about preparing to do it, yourself, if that’s your plan.

Whatever I spoke to you about or you read about or whatever services GeoMetrick Enterprises performed for your project, if another person needs services and you’re unsure about it, here are the links to both my web-site and my LinkedIn profile, both of which will help them get an idea what is on offer:

If you make a mistake and refer me to do a service that I don’t offer, there’s no harm done. If the other person contacts me and we start a discussion about it, it will become apparent fairly quickly and we will merely move along. For a few examples, GeoMetrick Enterprises doesn’t provide training services or validation services nor does it offer instrumentation integration services, which is always best done by the software vendor, as they have the partnerships with the instrument vendors and the folders full of the variety of necessary parsing scripts necessary to make this an efficient service.

But if they need help creating the design for new features, with configuration or with LIMS Basic, they’ve come to the right place! I can also help them find add-on software to solve problems not covered by the LabWare product line.

What You Get
If you are an end customer:
1. You get one free day (8 hours) of consulting services for each referral that meets the criteria given by the “Rules” section.
2. No travel will be allowed – it must be done remotely.
3. It cannot be split — that day must be done within a 24-hour time period.
4. If you accumulate multiple days, they can be combined. Thus, if you accumulate 5 free days, you can combine them into an entire free week of consulting.
5. This time must be booked. Thus, we will together plan when to use your time.

If you are not an end customer, we would need to agree on what you would like in-return ahead of time. If you are a consultant or consulting company and would like compensation for the referral, we would have to work-out a contract for an agreement ahead of doing this.

While I appreciate every effort you make on my behalf, here are some rules to this:
1. You must make the referral by the end of April 20, 2017 for whatever time zone you’re in.
2. The business must come from your referral within one calendar year of you making the referral.
3. If you make a referral, you must tell me that you made the referral and who you made it to. You should tell me the person and company and should give a general idea of geographic location. This will allow me to know which referral you made in order for you to get credit. You do not need to give contact information as I will not “pester” them based on the information you give me.
4. If multiple references land the same project work, the first reference gets the credit unless you can make a good case that your referral was independent of the others and deserves credit, as well.
5. In the end, I decide which project work GeoMetrick Enterprises accepts. If I can’t fit a project into my schedule, think the work is too unrelated to the services offered by GeoMetrick Enterprises or otherwise think the customer isn’t a good fit, I will not accept it.
6. Referrals to end customers only – no subcontracting references count toward this. What I mean is that, if a consulting company has a project and is looking for other consulting companies to subcontract to, you can’t get a free day out of this. You can only get free days from referring my company directly to customers who need my company’s services for their own projects.

Do You Still Have Questions?
If you still have any questions about this deal, please contact me at Gloria@GeoMetrick.com or +1.781.365.0180. Meanwhile, have a great trip to the LabWare CEC and a great project, the rest of the year.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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