In yesterday’s post (, I offered a free day of consulting to end customers who make a referral that turns into business. That post generated some questions and comments.

One person said it was just too complicated and suggested simplifying the offer. The bottom line is that you get a free 8-hour day of consulting time from GeoMetrick Enterprises if you make a referral that turns into business for GeoMetrick Enterprises.

All the rules, aside, the main points are these:

  1. The referral has to be FROM and end customer TO an end customer.
  2. I actually don’t mind splitting the day but I’m not like a lawyer working in 5-minute increments – I don’t want to get into a situation where someone wants to split it into tiny slices.
  3. I am actually willing to be a little flexible about the time but it does have to be scheduled.

Give a Date
Rather than telling you have a year to make the referral, one person said that a hard date would be better. As such, you have until April 20th, 2017 to make the referral.

Do You Have to Go to the LabWare CEC?
No, the referral doesn’t have to come from you attending the LabWare CEC. I was just suggesting that would be a place where you would talk to other users – that it was a likely place to make a referral. If you make a referral outside of the CEC, I will still honor this referral deal.

What Good is a Day?
If we’re organized about this, I can get quite a bit done in a day for you. Tomorrow, I will make a post with some examples, just to keep this post from getting too long, again.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  2. Please post back to let everyone know if this marketing promo worked as you expected.

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