As I occasionally like to do, today’s post is based on a search that brought someone to this blog. Today’s blog has to do with the search phrase “difference between lims and sample manager”.

Ummm…I don’t know how to break this to the person doing the search, but SampleManager is a LIMS (and, now, apparently also an LES). It’s a product by Thermo Fisher Scientific. It’s what we would call “big” LIMS in that it’s been around quite a long time, has a large installed base, does pretty much all of what most labs need to do and plus some.

If we looked at the traditional LIMS features, such as logging samples, doing calculations, managing result entry, and such, it’s all in SampleManager.

These days, I tend to be hesitant to label anything with any particular acronym but, for that person in doubt, yes, SampleManager is a LIMS.

Gloria Metrick
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One Thought to “Difference Between LIMS and Sample Manager”

  1. I can remember when discussions of what constituted “lab automation” almost led to fistfights. I can also remember a program for tracking and reporting on the timecards of the lab staff that was called a “LIMS”.

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