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The other day, I had asked readers to help me with my list of places to post press releases. I appreciate those who took the time to do that. One person reminded me that it can take money and/or connections to get press releases published.

What readers don’t necessarily realize is that some of the resources only print information about their advertisers or about people they know quite well. Some of the resources that we might see as unbiased sources for the news of what is going on in our industry are actually only publishing the news as it happens to people who give them money or who have a tight relationship with them.

Is this fair? If it’s your policy to only print the news about people who give you money then I think that’s fair as long as you make it clear that’s who your news is about. However, most news sources that do this don’t make it clear to the readers.

If you pay attention to the news that is published by some of both the on-line AND the “printed” resources that you have been reading, I think you might be surprised which ones print just about all the news and which ones don’t (I don’t think anyone can print ALL the news, but some probably come close).

Quite possibly in August, I will be posting my press release (it has to be held back for reasons I’ll explain another time). I will also post that information here in this blog. It will be interesting to see where it gets published and where it doesn’t. That will give you some idea which places need an exchange of money, because I guarantee I’m not going to pay to publish my press release – it goes out on merit or not at all.

With that said, I do want to note that not everyone accepts press releases and that anyone who doesn’t take them isn’t going to start with mine (unless I give them money and we’re besties?).

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  1. It is not cut and dry about press release publishing. I think prweb is free. Limsfinder publishes interesting press releases it finds on prweb but leaves out the ones that are a bore. An example of a bore is like… we have an updated web site. You can’t pay to get a press release on limsfinder. It just needs to be news worthy.

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