A few weeks ago, I announced that GeoMetrick Enterprises had expanded its services offerings: GeoMetrick Enterprises Adds Services: Welcome to Dr. Slomczynski   Today, I want to announce that those offerings now have their own blog: HPLC’N You

I am not going to combine the blogs to feed into each other’s posts, directly. What I mean is this: if you look to the right-hand-side of one blog, you’ll see the posts from the other blog. You’re welcome to read them and if you think the other one will interest you, you must subscribe to it. This way, you can subscribe to just the blog that interests you, which could be both, depending what work you do. But others who aren’t interested in both topics won’t be forced to read the posts from both blogs.

As such, you’ll now see the “HPLC’N You” posts to the right of this blog post but will not be notified of them by the subscription service for this blog nor from LinkedIn updates to this blog.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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