Some Comments on the 2016 GHP Life Sciences Awards

As soon as I got the notification about GeoMetrick Enterprises winning the 2016 GHP (Global Health & Pharma) Life Sciences Awards, I sent the notification out. I couldn’t contain myself! Meanwhile, I’ve spent a little more time looking at the winners.

Out of curiosity, I looked through all the winners to see who else in our part of the industry might have won. I don’t see anything. The only related company I see in there is Thermo Fisher Scientific, who won an award with their clinical diagnostics.

As usual, our laboratory informatics side of things is not necessarily at the forefront of people’s minds when they’re making nominations. I suppose that makes it just that much more exciting that GeoMetrick Enterprises won an award. In the awards, they do say it doesn’t matter how large or small you are and when you consider that some winners were companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the truly huge companies out there, and quite small companies like mine, they really did mean that.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

5 responses on “Some Comments on the 2016 GHP Life Sciences Awards

  1. Congratulations, Gloria. Winning an awards is supportive and offers some hope for the crazy who risk life and limbs for quality management. Safety, after all, is one of the key quality values that drive LIMS systems and places where it’s not measured well can’t be called safe for life and limbs. Following the blog now.

  2. This is fantastic!!!! I am so proud of what you have accomplished over all the years. You should take great pride in the award, as it is the hard work and diligence over the years bringing you to this point!

  3. Gloria,

    Congratulations! You have earned this award for your years of dedication and hard devoted works to the lab informatics field. Thermo Fisher may be in for the financial reward but you are for more, the thrill. You deserve it. Again, congratulations.

    Keep up with the good works. Best of luck.

  4. Que,

    Thank you so much for the positive words. However, I do have to tell you that I’m also in it for the financial reward. After all, we all have to make a living at this or we can’t keep doing it. I’m here and still blogging to promote my business and I can only support doing it if my business continues. If I close the business, some day, I doubt I’d be keeping the blog active, at that point.

    You stay well and have great projects!


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