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The other day, I announced GeoMetrick Enterprises was named in the GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Awards. Since then, I’ve been madly going about sending out my press release about the event to various potential outlets for it. Meanwhile, I’ve had something unexpected happen.

Note: Before I get into that, and for those of you who send out press releases, you know what a crapshoot it is. You have to look for places that will take them and follow-up to see whether they actually do publish them and in what format. It’s quite a lot of work. It’s compounded by the fact that it’s difficult to know where to focus on in sending them out to unless you do it quite a lot. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that every press release will be published. Nuff said!

The People That Matter and Then Some
So, I’ve had many people write to me to congratulate me and even a few people commenting and “liking” the posts I’ve made about this. They’re the ones who matter and I appreciate ever person who took the time.

At the same time, as a small business, I do also know that this is my opportunity to drive business and that I’d better get all those other people to see it in order to help ensure coming business quarters are busy and profitable. But as I do it, I keep in-mind that I’ve gotten a lot of recognition, already, and of the best kind – the personal kind.

The Unexpected
In any case, I have sent my press release out to my colleges from which I graduated. As one would expect, they have a tendency to publish this information in their alumni news. What blew me away, though, is that one of my schools actually wrote an article on me. They didn’t just take what I gave them but they went out and actually researched me in order to create a nice article:
Saunders Alum Recognized with 2016 International Life Sciences Award
Now, while I realize that it’s their job to do this and that they do benefit when they show alumni in a good light to attract students, donations and the rest, I was still stunned that they put the effort into it.

Also, having never had anyone write an article about me, before, it was a shock to see it. I was really touched, actually. Being normally a bit jaded about these types of things, I think I might have even gotten a bit misty-eyed about it.

Could There Be More Coming?
Let’s face it, what would be REALLY unexpected is that everyone with a project sees this and immediately drops everything to think, “Say, that GeoMetrick Enterprises must be so awesome that we absolutely have to use their services. Let’s call and do that, RIGHT NOW!” Well, I just bought a new phone so I’m ready for it.  😉

So, for the usual pitch, if you’re using LabWare LIMS / ELN, Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManager LIMS / LES or looking for help buying a LIMS or anything else LIMS-related, this is the right place to call.  +1.781.365.0180

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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    • Thank you, Steve. And congratulations to you, as well, over at Thermo Fisher Scientific for also making the list. I’m sure lots of hard work went into yours, too, so feel free to bask in the glow along with me. 🙂

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