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I want to take a moment to remind everyone of some of the policies of GeoMetrick Enterprises with regard to its blogs. What brings this up is that the other arm of the company, the more directly-scientific work that Dr. Slomczynski is doing, has brought him to be writing the blog HPLC’N You. He hadn’t previously written a blog and is now going through what most of us go through when we start a blog, that we run into some situation or another that we didn’t expect.

As such, he’s come to me with his first real questions on what to do when the unexpected happens. For him, it was having people write directly to him rather than comment to his blog posts. It specifically came from this post Biofuels: As Bad As Some Say They Are?

In our lists of “what to talk about when you blog” it is fairly common to suggest that local and/or any exciting news in your industry is something most of us can rely on for something to blog about and that is considered to be a particularly good choice for a blog post. In David’s case, he picked something that people do want to talk about but they want to do it anonymously.

Time For the Policy Reminder
Normally, I don’t allow anyone to make anonymous posts because it too quickly leads to unprofessional behavior. When a person is writing something to the public, they bring credibility by admitting who they are, sometimes bring weight to the discussion by well-chosen words or merely by the fact that they have a strong background in the topic, and people tend to put some thought into being professional in how they express themselves when their name is on it.

I also don’t typically post for people. You can write to me with your opinion but I’m the only one that will see it. It’s truly rare that I’ve taken the time to pass along what someone has e-mailed to me. It’s mostly because I just don’t want to spend the time to do it.

So, just as a reminder, in any of the GeoMetrick Enterprises blogs, including the newer “HPLC’N You” that these policies remain in effect.

It’s All Good, Though
Most people seem fine with that but there are so many new readers that have come into the blog, lately, that I thought I should just bring this up for everyone to understand.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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