In my last post, I talked about failing projects in “Three Reasons Failing Projects Continue to Fail.” But what about the projects that are doing well or at least moping along at a decent pace? This post is about those projects.

With this post, let’s talk about the people that we normally don’t talk about – the people that have successful projects. Here are some issues I want to take with these people and why we don’t care about them (sadly):

  1. No news isn’t good news. People with successful projects don’t brag at conferences because they’re too swamped with work AND they’re afraid that if they brag that it will put a jinx on the project, which they know they don’t need.  😉
  2. It’s so boring. Yes, doing what needs to be done, following the plans, getting resources aligned, managing risks, and all the other work it takes to get a project rolling is just hard work – it’s boring and hard! No-one wants to hear about that!!!
  3. Lack of a silver bullet. We all want a “silver bullet” to kill the (project) werewolf. If you can’t give us and easy and magic formula, we don’t want to know about it. Give us magic and we’ll flock to you but tell us it’s just the same-old-same-old that we’ve been hearing about since the beginning of time (or, at least, the beginning of the century) and we will spurn you.

So, no, we hate the people who succeed. We don’t want to hear them. We don’t want to listen to them. They’re boring. They’re safe. They’re managing their risks!!! OMG. They’re successful and we’re all too jealous (and lazy and unmotivated) to listen to them.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises