It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: More Comments About Writing

I’ve written in the past about the act of writing. Recently, I made this post: Notes on Writing

On that topic, here’s a great drawing of myself and my writing process, although, my nose isn’t really quite this big nor my computer quite this antiquated:

After the “Notes on Writing” post, several readers have asked what time I write, since I made a comment about finding times to write. Actually, I don’t write, every day. I have two basic ways to get my writing done: 1) If I have several ideas, I set aside some time to start several blog posts, some of which might get finished right then and there and others might just be an initial idea to which I will return at another time, but it’s not every day; 2) I wake up in the morning with something I want to say and I just write it, usually before I start my chargeable work but, if there are fires to fight, might do it during a break later in the day.

However, and back to the comic strip (or, to some of you, bande dessinée), like this character, I do try to remember that I need to find interesting things for people to read about. In addition, I need to remember to make them relevant to the readers of the blog. So, in the comic strip, where the character comes up with LOTS of plot twists then thinks about how to tie it all together, I do sit in front of my posts thinking things such as, “And what was the point of this supposed to be that I wanted to get to people? How do I wrap this up?”

In any case, writing isn’t that hard in and of itself but, even when you’re used to doing it, I find that it helps to step back from it and rethink it if the post gets too long or too far off the point. Even with that, don’t spend too much time perfecting it. Nothing, including your writing, will ever be perfect so just do your best and move along. That’s the best writing advice I can give and it’s basically what I do, myself.

As another comment, too many of you spend too much time wordsmithing and never get your writing finished and out-the-door. While we all want it to look professional, there’s a certain point where you just have to publish it and live with it, which I personally think is better than spending all your time writing things that no-one will ever see. I know all this because so many of you tell me this.

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