GeoMetrick Enterprises: The Award-Winningest Company in the Industry

A few months ago, I was excited to announce that GeoMetrick Enterprises had won an award. For more information, see this post: GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

Just in the past couple of months, suddenly, GeoMetrick Enterprises has won as many as half a dozen awards. So, in twenty years of business, nothing, and just in a couple months, an award bonanza. What’s going on? I started to feel EXTREMELY suspicious of all of this. But, for one, I think that winning the first award brings a company to light in a way where other awards will find you. But I then had to question how many of these were valid.

Upon spending a little time looking at some of these awards, I can’t say that they’re not valid. I didn’t spend a dime to get them. I didn’t “know the right people” because I don’t know anyone at any of the places giving the award, that I know of. I didn’t ask for them. I didn’t apply any pressure to get them (as if I had any to apply, that is). So, I suppose GeoMetrick Enterprises got them based on the merit of something it’s done.

Also, I suppose it’s perfectly valid for media outlets to come up with awards that will make an issue interesting and different from the usual news.

At the same time, I do also know that they don’t take everyone who is nominated because, upon winning one of the awards, I put in a candidate for another related award at one of these media groups and the company I nominated did not win. So, it’s not a case of everyone who is nominated being a winner just to make everyone have a “feel good” moment.

With that said, I realize that, just because a media group is small and possibly not someone I’d heard of before makes their awards any less valid than anyone else’s and I do appreciate their efforts in including GeoMetrick Enterprises.

Note: In the past, we laugh about how everyone claims to be “#1 in LIMS” and, now, you can laugh as I now claim to be “#1 in LIMS” but my category is “#1 in LIMS in Winning Awards.”  😉

With that said, I suppose I should get motivated to gather these awards together, verify they’ve all been officially announced, and post them just for posterity. After all, if the company has won them, I should mention them and put a link back to the group that gave them as a thank you. It’s the least I can do, really.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  1. Normally, when someone privately sends me a comment, I don’t bother posting what they said. However, someone just kindly wrote me with this and I think it’s a great perspective and to the point:

    “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

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