It’s Time to Say Goodbye

My big news for 2017 is that I find it’s time to say goodbye to all of you. I am taking a permanent W-2 job with a local establishment.

After years of being in charge, taking the best projects to work with, and getting all types of opportunities I probably never would have other received, it’s time to do something else.

I started this business almost 21 years ago knowing I could provide the best quality of services and do it better than the other services firms. I committed myself to providing an excellent implementation experience to a variety of customers in many industries.

I’ve worked with the LabWare products for almost 21 years – almost as long as they’ve been commercially available and longer than just a small handful of people in the entire world. I’ve worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s SampleManager for 27 years. This year, 2017, is my 30th anniversary with LIMS, with the great majority of those years in providing external services to customers.

What Happens to GeoMetrick Enterprises and Its’ Customers
GeoMetrick Enterprises, as a registered company, needs to stay around so that Dr. Slomczynski can continue to use it for his own work. The registration is still in good standing, the insurance is all paid-up. He might as well continue to use it.

As for my customers, I have spoken with each of them, individually, about what works best for them and how to ensure that they are properly taken care of. I take my customers commitments quite seriously and no-one has been abandoned.

What Happens to This Blog
Dr. Slomczynski has enough to do with his own blog HPLC’N You. In addition, he doesn’t work with LIMS, so he won’t be taking this over.

A number of people have suggested I continue to write it, myself. However, I’ll be moving into a position where I’ll no longer be working with the issues about which I wrote. I won’t be watching what the industry is doing, speaking on matters of small businesses, or working with a variety of customers.

It doesn’t cost much to keep the name and leave the blog running so that people can continue to search the information it contains. However, blogs that don’t get new posts don’t get read. Search engines track new content and, without routine new content, this blog will one day no longer even show up in the search engines.

The Next Step for the Blog/Trademark
One thing that I don’t plan to do is to give this blog away. This blog is an artifact of my marketing strategy. It’s part of this commercial venture. I worked diligently to build the readership and to attract readers.

I trademarked this name, defended it and maintained it as required by trademark law and am willing to sell it. It’s a recognized name in the industry and selling it is actually what I’d intended to do when I retired, many years from now. My initial plan was that that would provide a little extra money for my retirement.

If there is anyone interested in buying the trademark from me, please contact me at your earliest convenience. We can discuss plans for the transfer.

Is This the Last Post?
I’m not sure if I’ll make any more posts. If any of the other awards the company has won are formally announced, I would probably come to announce those, for instance. Other than that, I’m just not sure if there’s anything else to say, except for this:

Thank you to all who have been my customers and to all of those with whom I’ve had interesting and educational conversations, over the years. Thank you to all who have given me the opportunities that allowed my business to continue for so long and for me to grow as a professional. Best wishes in all your projects!  🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

20 responses on “It’s Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Best of luck in the new venture Gloria and thanks for the years of providing valuable insight in the LIMS market.

  2. Gloria Metrick, I wish you the best on your new adventure. I will miss your posts and your LIMS wit. I have really enjoyed working with you and enjoyed the quality and depth of your work. The local company is so very lucky to have you!

  3. Best of luck to you Gloria as you adjust to living on a fixed income :-). I have enjoyed reading your Newsletter and blog over the years. I feel like we had a very similar approach to how we viewed LIMS.

  4. Wow! That’s a very big move. I know how scary but exciting that can be, especially if you are going into a completely different line of work. Wishing you the very best of luck and happiness and a great and exciting new year.

  5. Hi Gloria mam, Hows u! Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

    I read your decision to change job. Happy for you as you will start new venture with a new organisation. My best wishes to you and many many happy successful life to come in future.

    Thanks for sparing your precious time for me.

    And Inconvenience caused to u is deeply regretted, if any!


    With Kind Regards, Yours sincerely, Jaideep Sarkar Mobile No: 09836809585

    On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 7:50 PM, Out on a LIMS®: The Blog For People Who Risk Life and LIMS™

  6. Going permie is a hell of an adjustment to make. I still remember when I did it back in 1993 and that was with a LOT less years of freelance experience than you have. I hope it works out for you, and the return to the corporate culture doesn’t drive you totally crazy!

  7. Hi Gloria – Best of luck and a big thanks for generously sharing your insights. Always know that it was much appreciated. You were brave enough to give a voice to many of us who “suffered”, celebrated, moaned and groaned in silence. Your blog will be missed. All the best to you. Louis Coutinho

    • Thanks, Louis. It’s great to hear from people that got something from the blog, whether it was good information, a chuckle, or merely a virtual shoulder to cry on! 🙂

  8. Aren’t you glad you did not sell your trademark? Above you had referred to the w-2 job as permanent. I think you will agree that your business is far more stable and reliable than any so called permanent job that lasts 6 months.

    I am glad you are back in biz. Welcome back and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

    • Yes, I am glad. And you’re also right to point-out that a W-2 job isn’t permanent the way they used to be. Look at all the people laid-off in Pharma over the past years as just one example.

      Thanks for welcoming me back!

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