Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone

Despite posts to say “goodbye” and to indicate I was going to sell this trademark and blog, none of that has happened. I didn’t actually intend to keep this all going but I’ve been thinking about other things and have spent no time at all trying to determine the worth of this.

So, I’m gone, but not “really” gone. And I’m definitely not forgotten. Strangely, people keep singing-up for this blog, the read rates have been fairly impressive, especially since there’s no new content in here, and people keep writing me to urge me to keep this going.

On the whole, I don’t actually have anything to write about. I’m not allowed to write about work and the work I’ll be doing isn’t really something I would write about, anyway. I haven’t even missed the blog. A lot of you don’t believe that but I have barely thought about it, at all.

Until yesterday. Then, I realized Pittcon might be coming up. And I realized it’s next week. While I haven’t been to Pittcon in quite a long time, I had written about it, every year. It seemed strange to let it come and go with no comment. So, from me to you, please go to Pittcon in Chicago, next week, and think of me every time you go outside.  🙂  That brisk March weather will wake you and and get you ready for all-day walking and sessions!

Meanwhile for those of you who have asked what other things I’m doing, I’ve gotten interested in mobile development and using C# with a bunch of plug-ins because I do actually want to run these laboratory apps on Android AND iOS. So, thanks for asking.

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