Just in the past two weeks, I’ve had conversations with people in our industry where the very same topic came up and using the almost the same verbiage. I’ve never had quite this thing happen and am convinced these people don’t know each other. It’s so creepy and weird that I had to share this.

In speaking with people about their projects and what they do, people do sometimes ask “what can you do for me?” but more often they have something specific open, like a developer position, and want to know if I can do that. They tell me a little about what they need and I tell them a little about my experience.

Just in the past two weeks, two entirely unrelated groups of people have asked me to tell them what I think my “wheelhouse” is and to talk about what I “like” to do. The first time it happened, I was so surprised. I felt a warm feeling that someone would ask me that and seemed to want to hear the answer. But I was really blown-away by that. I thought that person was just so awesome and special – just a truly unique individual that must really understand how to deal with people.

Until about a week-and-a-half went by and the same thing happened with a small group of people that I was speaking with (sorry to the first person who is probably reading this, and I still think you’re awesome and special, but am glad there’s more out there with your attitude toward things than I knew). The second time is happened, I decided to declare it a trend. But the second time, the group was talking about trying to build a good team where people were comfortable with and good at what they’re doing, that sort of thing. But the entire idea of this wasn’t them merely trying to “be nice” in order to make people want to stay but seemed to be a real strategy toward a smoother and better-oiled project.

Now, some of you will say that I have puny requirements for a trend if I declare something a trend after just two incidents and I see your point. Still, twice within two weeks? And normally doesn’t happen? Wow! I still claim it’s a trend.

Alternately, it’s just so great that someone wants my opinion that I’ll fawn all over them and, meanwhile, I’ll try not to stay too creeped-out by it.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “A Bizarre New Trend”

  1. I have noted little micro trends like that more times than I can remember. I think social media contributes to the phenomena.

    Last year in politics, the hipp word was misogynistic. Never heard the word until Trump came on the scene.

    Funny to see how people mimic each other.

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