We have recently read about Accenture acquiring the major LIMS and Laboratory Informatics consulting firm, LabAnswer  (Accenture to Acquire LabAnswer) but did you know that GeoMetrick Enterprises is entirely responsible for this? Let me tell you why…

Years ago, Accenture was interested in building its own LIMS/Laboratory Informatics arm and, when asked if I might be interested in starting that out, I politely turned it down. I couldn’t see how they could compete with the big firms like LabAnswer. I no longer remember if I said it out loud, but I thought it, and that counts for something, so I stake my claim to having this original idea, which I’m convinced never crossed anyone else’s mind.

Meanwhile, all these years later, I’m sure if I had mentioned that that’s what then gave Accenture the idea to start working with LabAnswer and, eventually working to acquire it. That’s why I claim that my company is entirely responsible for this.

Yes, GeoMetrick Enterprises is so important and the industry so hangs on my every word that even Accenture does whatever I suggest! They just hang on my every word!!!

Stepping Back a Bit
So, if you haven’t figured out that I’m joking , then I would ask that you just send me your project budget and let me do what I will with it.  😉

Once in a while, I do like to point out the fallacies of the statistics that come out from some of the companies and it’s also present in the statements they make. How often have you read things that sound so extremely glowing and about someone so terribly unknown -or- so very notoriously bad, and then wondered if you were even thinking of the same company.

Or, you’ve been at a conference and see a presentation about a project that you happen to know was a horrible failure but is being presented as a great success (probably so the presenter can get promoted or recruited to something bigger).

Here is an example of an event that is entirely true in its facts but it’s the way we “spin” it that makes it outrageous. These occur more frequently than we probably realize because we only notice the ones that are really over-the-top or that we know from our own experience to be fantasies but we can’t possibly catch all of those that aren’t quite true.

What To Do About It
Well, I suppose it’s considered rude to stand up and shout, “Hey, you’re clueless,” at a conference or to write nasty letters to a company’s marketing people (which they’d just throw out, anyway). So, the only thing you really CAN do is to be a savvy consumer of LIMS and other laboratory software. It’s the usual “if it sounds to good to be true” advice. Pretend you’re buying a used car and be a little skeptical of the glowing track record the old beater seems to have.

In addition, if you’ve ever complained to someone that their information is misleading, they will then get defensive, puff themselves up, huff, and say, “But it’s true, so what’s your point?” I know because I make the mistake once in a while of just blurting that out and I then am verbally pounded upon for my efforts and it doesn’t change anything. So, just let it go and move on.

The Exception
Of course, as usual, I don’t mean you be skeptical with me and especially not with what’s in this blog. GeoMetrick Enterprises really is just so superior and perfect that you should never doubt a thing I say.  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

3 Thoughts to “GeoMetrick Enterprises Entirely Responsible for Accenture’s Purchase of LabAnswer and Other Tall Tales”

  1. In the larger sense, does the news about the acquisition of labanswer by accenture mean anything to 95% of the LIMS world? For the small to mid-size companies that purchase LIMS, I don’t think they use either consulting firm. For folks who use Labware, it may make some difference but I doubt it.

    The real beneficiary I suspect will be csols. They have one less competitor in the long term and probably a source of new labor.

    1. It’s more than just LabWare customers who use these services. LabAnswer has been getting their fingers in more pies in LIMS, ELN and other laboratory software, over the years. I don’t think Accenture’s purchase will take them out of the picture. Instead, I think the Accenture deal will help them get even bigger.

      As for any of the other smaller companies, such as my own, I think this will help squeeze us out of the market, even further, and that includes CSols.

      If you look at the jobs in LinkedIn, as an example, LabAnswer has been heavily recruiting more junior people to be trained in all these systems. While they currently can’t just replace the senior people like me, overnight, one of these days, all those junior people will be the senior people and no-one will need people like myself. Customers want one-stop shopping and they get that with the big firms – that’s the trend.

  2. sepner

    Right on. It is important that we all consider listening to that small voice that hints at some of the false promises and propositions out there. Glad you are willing to be that person – at least on the blog – to keep others honest.

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