Saying Hello?

In a January post, I wrote that it was Time to Say Goodbye. Recently, some of you have noticed I’ve started blogging, more, working on my web-site, and have been doing business development. As such, some of you have been asking if I’m coming back. That remains to be seen but let me go into more detail.

Vague Details
I will try to state this is what I hope is both the most neutral and the most vague terms, because I have agreed not to write directly about work and, as such, must obfuscate. As such, here is my attempt:

My job with the university appears to have a high probability of ending rather soon. My presence would quite likely no longer be needed.

The Timing
I’ve known this was coming for a while and, knowing my possible end date would come during the summer, have known I’d need to start working quite early toward finding something else. Readers who work with the bigger systems know that Summer is a bit of a dead time. Many customers, especially on large projects, don’t necessarily want to take on new resources or projects over the Summer months. Getting any amount of work for the Summer takes: 1) More leads; 2) Longer lead times; 3) More overall work.

To anyone who would casually say to me, “Hey, why don’t you just relax and take the Summer off?,” I’ve responded with, “Because I would rather be working and saving toward retirement while I can.”

In any case, I’d been contacting people about potential projects and/or jobs plus getting more public with my marketing and business development so it does seem easier just to be open about it. In any case, it wasn’t a secret, to begin with.

If you have projects needs, contact me, right away. I try not to overbook AND I don’t dump people – what I mean is that, when I promise someone I’ll do some work for them, I don’t start rethinking it when the next project calls just because project #2 is longer/shorter/greater/funnier/whatever.

Skills and Interests
In recently speaking with people, I have been blown-away that some ask what I “want” to do not merely what I “can” do for them. But with that said, here are some skills I have and, especially for those of you with small groups that get ignored by your software vendor and other big services groups, please contact me if you have a need for any of these.

General:  I’ve worked with regulated and non-regulated groups in many industries. My greatest skill is to be able to step into a group in an industry I’ve never worked with and quickly understand the basics of what they’re trying to do.

Thermo Fisher Scientific SampleManager: Working with this product for over 25 years, I’ve worked with customers in many industries, from energy to pharma. I’ve worked as a PM(Project Manager)/BA(Business Analyst)/Programmer and also worked with upgrades, most recently from 2001R1 and 2004R2 to 10.1/10.2. In addition, I participated in the Beta testing for both version 11 and version 12.

LabWare LIMS/ELN: With twenty-one years of experience working with this product, I have worked with it longer than all but a handful of consultants in the entire world. I’ve worked programming/configuring all the major modules plus many of the add-on modules, such as stability manager, formulation manager, and many others, possibly most notably, the ELN.

LabVantage LIMS: Having only a few months under my belt with this product, I certainly don’t know all the details of it. With that said, I’ve worked both with V6 and V8, specifically on an upgrade for the biobanking solution. My knowledge of the biobanking area of the database is extensive, and I’ve already become strong in building SQL Queries to get data from various areas of the database (I mean to say that I’m amazingly good at this, but I suppose that understanding databases is a skill most of the LIMS consultants have had to develop, so probably not much of a surprise, after all), plus have a smattering of skills in LIMS System Administration issues, as well as V8-specific issues such as gizmos and changes to web pages.

Non-product: I work with customers to gather requirements so that they can do a product selection. Also, this helps them understand what TYPE of product to look at. This activity also works for companies who are trying to decide whether to keep their current system and upgrade or to buy an entirely new system. As such, I have worked with more strategic projects such as working with one of “big” Pharma to decide if they needed to buy anything at all and how the general roadmap of that would look.

Non-LIMS: For what it’s worth, I’ve also been fiddling around with MS Azure’s cloud services and am working with their mobile platform tools using VisualStudio, of course. After all, C# (SampleManager) to C# (mobile) is a bit of a jump but less of a jump that doing something 100% different. So, I’m gaining some new skills and understanding, daily. I’m not going to sit around and hope all of my legacy experience keeps me engaged. I know that to help you successfully, I need to stay on top of technology so that I can use my vast experience to help you navigate the new technology.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  1. Gloria, it sounds like your world is open for you. You have had a short sort of business reset which I am sure can be refreshing. Now that you are at this state, would you be interested in exploring the idea of providing services to organizations that make use of open source lab informatics software? I ask this question because I am seeing open source take off and the clients need help in this area. Since the apps are open source, there is nothing keeping you from learning and testing the apps so that you can develop out your knowledge of those apps and take your existing industry experience and apply it to those apps. There are a number of advantages to supporting and servicing open source apps for labs. Give me a call if you want to discuss any of this.

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