Starting Friday, September 8th, 2017, I will begin moving this blog from its current hosting area to a self-hosted area. As such, even though it will be moving and you might see a disruption of service, the web address remains the same. So, in a sense, it isn’t actually going anywhere.

Some Reasons
There are a few reasons that have been apparent to me for quite some time. They were about ripe in my mind around the time I temporarily left consulting and planned to sell this blog and the trademark. No surprise but, when I returned to consulting, the issues were about the same. Here they are:

  • Growth: As this blog has grown, managing the invitations and membership has become overhwhelming. Just as I had eventually moved the old newsletter into iContact for the same reason, the fact is that managing membership, manually, has become too large a task. I came up with workarounds such as writing C# code to help me with the task. I could write yet more C# code but the time has come to get a much better tool for membership management.
  • Flexibility: While self-hosting this blog is somewhat more work than using the current plan, it does also give me more flexibility for what I can do with it plus quite a lot more plug-ins to help me do whatever it is I need to do.
  • Advertising: I had never planned to advertise on this blog. After all, it’s meant to advertise my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises, not my competitors. However, in using the plan that I had been using, all these years, there was still advertising on the blog – I just wasn’t getting a share of it. As such, I’ve decided that, if there will be any advertising on this blog, I’ll put it there and make the money from it,

When I moved the GeoMetrick Enterprises’ web-site to a new web-site hosting plan in late-2016, I bought a small plan that would allow me to add one more web-site domain with no extra cost, and still save money over my previous hosting plan. It seemed a way to allow for the eventual move of this blog to join the web-site within one hosting plan.

For the companies who, in the past, asked if they could advertise on this blog, well, and not that you’re still interested, but that might now be a possibility. For readers, I will say that my current plan is that I want to keep the annoyance factor about the same and not start putting flashing ads all over the place, making the content hard to find. But I’m looking into a couple possibilities on how to do this in a way that best suits my purposes (low maintenance, takes less time/money to maintain than it makes back, etc…).

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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