In my last post, I let readers know that this blog would start having downtime and a changeover beginning on Friday, September 8th, 2017. Also, just by chance, today’s post is Post #700.

The blog has been moved to a new host and is finally back up and in working order. You’ll notice it looks a bit different. While I’d call it a work in progress, right now, most of what needs to work is working and it was finally close-enough to notify subscribers that it’s back. You’ll likely see more changes in the near future but most are minor cosmetic changes.

One of the reasons I gave for moving the blog was that I had decided I wanted to get the ad money from the ads that were being posted. I didn’t want to increase or change the ads, necessarily, but I just felt that, if there were going to be ads, anyway, I should make the money off of them, because that’s money that could go toward hosting fees and other office expenses, after all.

I’d also said I’d been on the fence about a couple different options. I got off the fence and decided to do both.

The options I’d been considering were either to install Google AdSense, which is easy to do, or to allow companies to place individual ads, which I would then have to place. You’ll notice that Google AdSense ads are currently running. However, there are a number of ways to directly place an ad, as well.

If you’re reading this and you want to place an ad, let me know and we can talk further about specifically placing your ad in place of the AdSense ad. But what I decided I don’t want to do is spend all my time selling ads.

Post 700
Just by chance, today’s post is Post #700. It’s hard for me to believe I’m at this number of posts. I guess it really was time to move this all around and make some changes, after all. Add all these posts to all the newsletter articles I’d written, plus the magazine articles, and I’m surprised to think of how much writing I’ve done and that’s on top of all the writing we all do for customers for requirements gathering, program documentation and the like.

Meanwhile, while this Post #700 might not bring an entirely new user experience to readers, it will at least be a start in that direction.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

5 Thoughts to “Post 700: This Blog is Back On-Line”

    1. Gloria Metrick

      Thanks, Tom. It’s good to be back!

  1. John Jones

    Interesting about running ads. You might be surprised at the ads your site is showing. You might be even more surprised at how much money you won’t get from ads and even more disappointed with what you get, if anything from Google.

    Site real estate is yours but maybe there is better value than ads for that real estate.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Gloria Metrick

      It would be interesting to hear what ads people see. They aren’t necessarily going to be LIMS/ELN/LES ads unless someone in that space calls me to specifically place an ad or unless I spend the time to sell ads like that.

      Personally, I’ve been seeing a lot of development-oriented ads but that’s where I’d been spending my time, lately, so that does make sense.

  2. I made a point of looking today. At various times I got an ad for thermal imaging systems, a clothing store, and something from Nokkia. I don’t know what to advise about the value of ads. At least the size and quantity of ads is not annoying (some sites are a pain). LIMS or scientific ads might be interesting. The problem with Google-directed ads is that they are almost always about something I WAS interested in but have resolved or am not interested in.

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